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Currently 2-1-1 is available to over 90.6% of the nation’s population, including 50 states. In Northeastern Pennsylvania, Family Service Association of NEPA implemented the 2-1-1 services utilizing the existing Help Line program.

pa-211-statewide-regions-map2-1-1 provides the infrastructure to promote new initiatives and respond quickly when situations arise.

As we build the PA 2-1-1 Northeast database, we encourage agencies offering human services to contact us to add their service information to our growing database. Please contact 2‑1‑1 to learn more.


PA 2-1-1 has received the authority from the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to oversee the development of 2-1-1 in Pennsylvania. In turn, PA 2-1-1 has designated seven regional 2-1-1 centers. HelpLine/Family Services Association serves  as the 2-1-1 call center for the Northeastern PA region. The official designation by PA 2-1-1  means that residents can access 24/7 services, and that the 2- 1- 1  operates in accordance with established national standards, and work toward providing service in every county in the region.

The Help Line staff handled approximately 98,000 calls during the year ending June 30, 2016; this breaks down to approximately 269 calls per day. The vast majority of Help Line calls are made from our 17 county coverage area, however, Help Line also received calls from fifty eight counties in Pennsylvania as well as thirty five different states.


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